Saturday, 31 October 2009

I'm Back!

Well Back on after major Swine Flu, not been feeling too well for the last couple of weeks. When I have been out been looking in the shops and it's nice to see BIG SCIENCE out there!

I also hear that Right Here Right Now, I imagine the original radio edit has been added to the airplay list for radio 2, but as of yet have not heard any signs of it, maybe us UK guys and girls could email Radio 2 and Radio 1 to pleasantly ask them to play it?

Well I will be back up soon, hope everyone is good and keep your ears open in the UK for our BWO playing on a radio station near you! Lee

Friday, 9 October 2009

Video of the London Gig over at the fanclub!!!

Hey! Can't believe its been 10 days since seeing BWO in London, I think I have just calmed down now, I know my friend Tracy has certainly just recovered from having her photo took with Martin :) Can I just say it was absolutely amazing to also see the guys in person from Facebook as well as without saying BWO themselves..

Anyhow, just wanted to draw attention to the Videos up at the main fanclub website!
I can experience it all again, and you can too!

Enjoy and have good weekend you all!

Monday, 5 October 2009

The Physical Release is today!
You can now get BIG SCIENCE as a physical CD and its out today!

You can purchase it at HMV.COM in the UK or any other good music store and the link above is
a simple way to access it, with no fuse. You know how I love to make things easy!

I have the swedish one, and also going to buy this one too!

Enjoy, Lee :)

Big Science out in UK on iTunes

October 4th was the release date of BIG SCIENCE to the UK.
So if you have not heard the album yet, then head on now to iTunes for a preview.

The album is absolutely fantastic and well worth the £7.99

Alternatively BIG SCIENCE should be out soon as a physical release, but you can be listening to new BWO on your iPods now if you download from iTunes and then buy the Album later to keep
for the future!


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wow! It was a great night eh?

Back from London, today after seeing BWO Live at the Borderline London.
Wow it was great eh? BWO performed 9 tracks from both Big Science and Pandemonium and afterwards came to meet all the fans. Make sure you join to see my full report.
It was absolutely fantastic eh? Hope it won't to be too long till BWO are back in Britain.

Friday, 25 September 2009

OW my goodness it's nearly here!! 4 Days!!!

Spoken to even more guys from Facebook from the BWO fanclub worldwide page and BWO UK FANS group on Facebook and some of the guys are getting the opportunity to get to London to see BWO!!! Tracy, Alan, Martin,Nimrod,Trevor,Peek all going and many others, it will be great to finally meet you guys in the flesh. Everyone is so very excited to get the chance to see BWO perform live in the UK!!